Expats Welcome

Expats Welcome

A Swiss school for everybody

FG Basel prides itself on welcoming students from all over the world. While we are a Swiss private school with German as its main language, we understand that it takes time and an extra effort to bring non-German speakers up to speed with the new language. Besides offering intensive extra German lessons, we aim to integrate our international students into our regular lessons as far as possible, without putting any pressure or high expectations on them, so that the children can gradually adjust to the new surroundings and get to know their new classmates.

Despite being a private school, FG Basel is fully compatible with state schools and it offers students a seamless pathway into Swiss educational institutions, whether that is into vocational schools or training or into higher education at universities. 

FG Basel integrates your child into the high-quality Swiss education system with a speedy acquisition of German while making sure your child's needs are taken into consideration from the beginning.

We aim to offer you a fully functional English language version of this new website. 
Please bear with us as we work to offer you the full range of information very soon.
Should you require further information in English in the meantime, please get in touch with the webmaster directly.

Thank you for your understanding.